You will find The Chapel Group is very different.  First, we have a real purpose: to help ensure no-one is forced into making decisions as to whether they heat or cool their home due to their financial situation.  Our profits are invested into initiatives that help vulnerable energy consumers.

In terms of how we do what we do, we understand that our clients experience three key challenges:

  • Firstly, the market structure rarely supports demand response at scale.
  • Secondly, consumers and the community have not been properly engaged and educated.
  • Finally, many in the industry are not convinced people will participate in large enough volumes and consistently for it to deliver any meaningful change.

We have designed a range of services designed to:

  • Provide you with a demand response program that will deliver value to your customers, the community and your shareholders.
  • Help identify opportunities to improve your digital roadmap, ensuring the consumer and the community are at its core

We recognize there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach that suits every energy company.  There are six ways we can help deliver our services, , and each one is tailored to suit you:

  1. Demand Response done for you
  2. Demand Response done with you
  3. Demand Response done by you
  4. Digital Utility done for you
  5. Digital Utility done with you
  6. Digital Utility done by you

Interested?  Email us today at and book an obligation free Zoom call so we can listen to your concerns, explore solutions and customize things specifically for you.  We think you’ll be genuinely surprised by what you discover.