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The Digital Utility

Using energy data to increase customer value and grow your business

The electric utility industry is undergoing an enormous transformation.

  • Executives need to balance near-term performance with long-term sustainability
  • Consumers are turning to alternative energy solutions
  • Start-ups are stealing market share at an increasing rate
  • Industry regulators want to increase market competition

With pressure coming from all sides, only the strongest players will survive.

Your company needs a strategic roadmap not only to survive, but thrive in this increasingly competitive, uncertain environment.

The Digital Utility will help you navigate the major threats facing the industry while increasing customer value, growing your business, and becoming a utility of the future.

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Discover key principles to fast-track your success

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This free, online diagnostic tool will provide you with an understanding of the primary services you should offer to your customers, and whether you are offering them today.


Six-step ENERGY framework to create a tailormade, digital utility roadmap

Gain the support of your key stakeholders with a framework to leverage energy data, increase customer value and deliver business growth.

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Learn why energy data is at the heart of any successful digital utility.

Discover how behind-the-meter technology, including rooftop solar, battery storage and electric vehicles is changing the industry.

Explore other emerging concepts, such as the connected home and enhanced energy management.

Read about the need to become a competitive monopoly and why we need a roadmap that helps navigate uncertainty.

About the author

Wayne Pales is the founder of The Chapel Group, a consulting company created in 2015 to help utilities use energy data to increase customer value and deliver long-term business growth.

Recognised as a global thought leader by leading industry magazine Metering & Smart Energy International, Wayne’s expertise comes from almost 20 years in the utility industry across the Asia-Pacific. Wayne also holds a Masters of Information Systems from Swinburne University of Technology.

His belief is simple: There is increasing consumer adoption of behind-the-meter technologies such as rooftop solar, electric vehicles, battery storage, and the connected home.

Consumers are on this journey, regardless of what their utility providers do.

Wayne believes that by helping utilities leverage energy data and focus more on the demand side, they can deliver services and products that position them at the heart of what is an inevitable transformation to a sustainable way of living.

In writing The Digital Utility, Wayne hopes to educate and empower electric utility executives to develop a strategic roadmap for the future, and secure support from key stakeholders to implement it. With this roadmap, utilities will be better equipped to combat the major threats they face and create sustainable, successful businesses.

Are you ready to become a utility of the future?

If you’re an electric utility executive who wants to:

    • Overcome the challenges facing your company
    • Survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive, uncertain environment
    • Attract and retain more customers, and in turn boost your sales
    • Work with competitors and new entrants, rather than against them
    • Play a significant role in the move to a low-carbon society

Order your copy of The Digital Utility today.

$27.95 RRP plus $7.05 postage